The Walks Menu

The most frequent request from our guests is for information on good walks around the area. We have walking guides in the hotel's small library and anyone is welcome to borrow them but inevitably they soon become out-of-date. Therefore we've walked all the best local routes ourselves. We've written up some simple directions, taken some photos and produced a folder of over 30 different local routes. It is available for you to read, borrow and enjoy.

Because the countryside is always changing we'd appreciate it if you could inform us of any specific differences from our notes that you spot along the way. Your observations will be greatly appreciated. They help make our notes accurate and current.

The walks are:

  • 1. La Junta de los Ríos. The best introductory walk to the area. A circular route of 3.5 hours from the hotel.
  • 2. Circuit Below Alcútar. A pleasant, circular stroll below the hotel. Ideal for a couple of spare hours.
  • 3. Bérchules-Timar-Alcútar circuit. A good, long, circular walk from the hotel taking in low sierra, valleys and pretty Berber villages.
  • 4. The Heights of Cerro Gordo. A spectacular, circular walk from the hotel. Amazing views, wildlife and picnic opportunities.
  • 5. The Chestnut Circuit. A short circular walk from the hotel taking in the upper part of the village and the irrigation channels that make the area so green.
  • 6. Bérchules to Yegen. Great, 4.5-hour one-way walk taking in both heights and quiet river valleys. Flowers, birds and peace.
  • 7. Yegen to Mecina Bombarón. The first part of Walk 6 in reverse. Slightly more physically demanding when done in this direction.
  • 8. Mecina Bombarón to Bérchules. The latter part of Walk 6 in reverse. Terrific views.
  • 9. Bérchules to Trevélez (low route). One of the most popular one-way walks. Long-ish, at 14km, but varied and gorgeous at all times of year.
  • 10. Trevélez to Bérchules (low route). Walk 9 in reverse. This is probably the slightly easier direction in which to do this route.
  • 11. Bérchules to Trevélez (high route). Physically demanding and slightly more challenging way to walk between the villages. Compensations are amazing views and the almost certainty of seeing eagles.
  • 12. Bérchules to the Alquería de Morayma. Hotel to hotel stroll of less than 2 hours. Have lunch and walk back by either retracing your steps, or by using Walk 13 - a much more demanding but rewarding return route.
  • 13. Alquería de Morayma to Bérchules. Takes in villages, river beds and valley views. Hot in Summer, perfect for when the weather's not so warm.
  • 14. Jorairátar to Cádiar. Walk that takes in a wide, dry canyon with lots of wildflowers and birdlife.
  • 15. Jorairátar to the Alquería de Morayma. Almost identical to Walk 14 but with a diversion to the Alquería if you want to take lunch or a drink.
  • 16. Yegen to Mairena. One-way route between 2 of our partner hotels in the area. Varied scenery and smashing views.
  • 17. Juviles-Timar circuit. Short-ish circular walk that takes in the Roman fuerte (fort) and with terrific views and pretty villages.
  • 18. El Cruce de Juviles circuit. An easy but rewarding half-day circular walk. Great views and suitable for everyone.
  • 19. Eastern Tahá circuit. In Spring it's a fiesta of wildflowers and babbling springs. Some stiff ascents and pictureque villages to discover.
  • 20. The Acequias of Mecina Bombarón. Circular walk around our near-neighbour village. Lots of water and chestnut trees and wonderful views in the latter stages with a gentle descent for the last hour. Best in Autumn.
  • 21. Annette's Walk. A full-day circular walk from the hotel with all the climbing in the first two hours. Beautiful descent through the forest to the Río Grande above the Junta de los Ríos.
  • 22. Mairena to Yegen. Walk 16 in reverse. This direction is slightly easier on the legs and lungs.
  • 23. The Dog's Backside. Wonderful, full-day's walk in the valley of the Río Trevélez.
  • 24. Down to Nieles and Cástaras. One-way walk from the hotel that takes in open moorland and one of the most tranquil valleys of the Alpujarras. It ends in either of two beautiful, Berber villages.
  • 25. Hills & Dales of Bérchules & Alcútar. Circular walk from high to low with very varied scenery and wonderful views.
  • 26. Circumnavigate Bérchules & Alcútar. Good half-day introductory walk to help you get your bearings and see village life and surroundings.
  • 27. A Short Walk on the Contraviesa. A circular walk from Cádiar with some of the best bird-watching and most spectacular views of the sierra.
  • 28. Yegen to Mecina (high route). An alternative to walk 7. Lovely, varied scenery and great views of Mecina as you approach.
  • 29. Mecina, Golco, Alcútar Circuit. A good, full-day's walks with mountain, valley and riverside walking. Plenty of refreshment opportunities too!
  • 30. Empalme de Bérchules Circuit. Similar to 29, but with some forest walking included and with an alternative starting point.
  • 31. La Ruta de Gerald Brenan. A short walk below Yegen through strange rock formations, green terraces and small streams.
  • 32. The Acequia Mecina. A five hour circular walk from the hotel with sweeping views from the Cima de Tejar, the Tejar summit at 1,758 metres altitude.

If you would like to get an idea of a typical day's walking have a look at this little video we made of Walk 24...