Hotel Rural Los BérchulesMeet the staff


Alejandro Tamborero

Born in Almería and educated in Spain, Michigan and London, he has always worked in the hospitality business. Before buying the hotel in 1998 he was Purser on a Spanish cruise ship and visited most European and American ports.


Csilla Gajo

Born in Miskolc, Hungary, where she also studied for her degree in catering. She worked as head of food and beverage on the same Spanish cruise ship as Alejandro. They married in the hotel in 1998 and now have two children, Laszlo and Paula.


Wendy Tamborero

Born in Northern Ireland and educated in England she is the mother of Alejandro. She has lived and worked in Spain since 1962. She is the niece of Guy Gibson VC, the Dambuster. She is the heart and soul behind our walks programme.



Columbian by birth, he worked as a waiter on the same cruise ship as Alejandro and Csilla. Our “Manuel” since March 2011, he wears many hats in the hotel and always with a smile. He is a keen cyclist, knows all the routes and is a dab hand at punctures and repairs.

Paula Tamborero


Daughter of Alejandro and Csilla, she studies at the local high school. During the holidays she helps her mother with hotel chores and her father at breakfast and with the coffee machine. She is a great animal lover.

Lazlo Tamborero


Son of Alejandro and Csilla, he now lives in Granada where he is studying physics at the University. During the summer holidays he is in charge of the swimming pool and occasional help in the hotel. He also gives private physics and maths classes.